Thank you to those of you who joined in the madness of Junipalooza for 2018. We had an absolute blast. Over 150 guests across two days pressed, pummeled and pulverized the remnants of our 2017 juniper harvest (in readiness for our Juniper 2018 vintage that will arrive shortly). The ethanol and water that was collected has now been distilled and Tim is working around the clock to produce our first Juniper Stomp Gin, created by the Juniper Freaks of the Never Never Distilling Co. We’re not sure how many bottles this will yield yet, however it will be small.

The early distillate is packed with flavour and a rich, fruity juniper note. We’re excited about this one!
Pre-sale orders will ship in the next couple of weeks.

500ml Bottle Size
47% Alc/Vol
Product of Adelaide, Australia