Brewer, Distiller and ‘The Fermentalist’

This is Tim, our brewer and distiller. Tim is obsessed with making stuff, brewing and distilling, and all things related to copper, malt, yeast and flavour. He’s constantly scribbling down an idea for a gin, whisky, beer, vermouth, G&T marmalade, botanical Christmas cake or raw vegan chocolate… He built a shed in his backyard with a pretty sophisticated home brewery and workshop just for putting some of these ideas into practice. When Tim isn’t making delicious brews in his back shed, he’s tearing downhill on his mountain bike. He once lost all his front teeth in an accident. Lucky his brother is a dentist and a good bloke.

His great, great, great grandfather was Alfred Gilbey, who owned a number of whisky distilleries in Scotland and gin distilleries worldwide. Sadly, Tim is not in line to inherit any, but that hasn’t stopped him from carrying on the family tradition. Tim knows more about yeast strains and malt variety than we care to divulge, mainly due to it being borderline crazy. I guess that’s why we call him the Fermentalist.