Gin And Tonic Triple Juniper Cocktail

Triple Juniper Gin And Tonic

Gin And Tonic Triple Juniper Cocktail

The gin & tonic has been quenching thirsts for hundreds of years and we of the Never Never Distilling Co. love its versatility and simplicity. 

What started off as a tasty way for English officers of the Indian Army to take their tonic tablets has turned into the worlds most popular gin mixer.

The juniper profile of the Triple Juniper Gin really lends itself to be mixed with the classic flavours of quinine found in good quality tonic water. We also have lots of lemon in our botanical profile which is obvious on the nose, so we compliment this by adding a lemon wedge garnish to our gin and tonic. For something extra special we recommend you serve it in a wine glass and add a sprig of lemon thyme and a twist of lemon peel. Because you’re fancy.

Ok, so we know it’s technically a very basic cocktail, but there are so many amazing flavour combinations knocking about these days you can literally explore any angle you like. We’ve fallen in love with Fever Tree Aromatic tonic water with our signature Triple Juniper Gin. Despite it’s pink hues, it’s spicy rather than overly sweet and when paired with a dry gin and appropriate garnish it works incredibly well. The tonic is actually flavoured with Angostura bark which gives it the delightful colour (think the pink hue in a lemon, lime and bitters).  

Try it garnished with strawberries and basil served in a highball. Remember, ratio is everything, one part gin to three parts mixer is always a sure-fire winner. 

Gin and Tonic Cocktail Serve, Never Never Gin Bar Adelaide 

30ml Never Never Triple Juniper Gin

100ml quality tonic water

Garnish with a lemon wedge and sprig of thyme
Build all ingredients into a highball glass, add quality ice and top with tonic. Garnish with a fresh wedge of lemon.


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