Red Snapper Gin Cocktail Never Never

Never Never Red Snapper

Red Snapper Gin Cocktail Never Never

Put simply, a Red Snapper is a Bloody Mary made with gin instead of vodka, so effectively made with something with far more flavoursome. Everybody likes it differently, we prefer ours short and spicy with Sriracha instead of Tabasco sauce.

30ml Never Never Triple Juniper Gin

90ml quality tomato juice

10ml lemon juice

5ml Sriracha sauce

5ml Worcester sauce

pinch of salt & pepper

Garnish with a celery spear
Add all ingredients into a cocktail tin, add ice and pass this between another tin flamboyantly like a boss. Alternatively, you just stir it gently and not make any mess. Pour into a short glass and garnish with celery spear.


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