Announcing Med Gin

Announcing Med Gin

Announcing Med Gin

Med Gin is a release under our Dark Series experimental series that promotes the fresh local produce found around their new home in the Fleurieu Peninsula. 

We've partnered with local growers in McLaren Vale to create a gin style that celebrates South Australia’s own little slice of the Mediterranean.

We’ve always been a distillery focused on using local flavour in the drinks we create. This is our first gin expression that selects various botanicals from our home region to create a unique gin that pays homage to the Vale.  


It also marks the first time that we have stepped away from solely using their original nine botanicals, with nine more local botanicals contributing to the flavour profile. 


We’ve sourced Somerton almonds from Taronga, Lloyd Brothers Kalamata olives and McMillian and Drew herbs which include lemon thyme, thyme, bay leaf and basil.


All these ingredients are sourced from the local region and create a gin that is distinctly Mediterranean in both flavour and function. 


The Fleurieu has always been compared to the Mediterranean. One second you’re traversing pebbled beaches and limestone coastal cliffs and the next you’re touring through some of the greatest wine country in the world. 


More than that, the produce that comes from this area is synonymous with the European coastal clime, so it felt right to give our gin a slightly Mediterranean feel, both in name and ingredient selection.


Whether it’s a classic spritz, served with orange and olive, or something a bit more dressed up in the martini category, Med Gin is the perfect gin style to complement the cocktail occasion.


Never Never have also included Coastal Daisy Bush which is indigenous to the local area. Its inclusion adds a unique element to the juniper pine and adds depth to the olive and thyme. It’s the only ingredient you won’t find in a Mediterranean setting. 


Our Med Gin uses ingredients from the Willunga coast to our McLaren Vale distillery door and everything in between.  


One of the most exciting ingredients that’s been included was kalamata olive brine. This is combined with whole kalamata olives which are then pot distilled. 


It’s very rare that you can call a waste product an exciting ingredient but anybody who loves a dirty martini knows exactly how much punch that can be delivered by a single barspoon of the stuff. It’s incredibly full-flavoured and is usually just turfed once the olives have been used, we give it a second life as a key component of our Med Gin.


The Med Gin perfect serve is with tonic water garnished with fresh orange and bay leaf. 




Look – Brilliant and clear. Very light clouding occurs when you add tonic.

Smell – Olive brine, bay leaf, sea spray and fragrant juniper. 

Taste – The mouthfeel is silky and luscious. Almond adds a creaminess, with thyme and basil adding a fresh herbaceous lift. The saline from the brine adds complexity to the rich orange and olive oils.

Now add tonic - Fresh citrus and complex botanical character develops.  


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