Bille Justice Thomson

Bille Justice Thomson

Bille Justice Thomson

Billie Justice Thomson’s work has caught the imagination of Australians all over the country, painting nostalgic and iconic food imagery on glass or Perspex, referencing the old shop windows of yesteryear.


When presented with the opportunity to work with Never Never, Billie was excited to paint the colourful gin bottle. 


The Never Never label itself was created by local designer Carlo Jensen from Peculiar Familia with local artist Kerri Wright commissioned to create the lino. It’s a representation of the desire from the outset that the Never Never founders shared to work with local artists to create a contemporary spirits label. 


“It was lovely to draw my mate Carlo’s design and the beautiful lino cut of the hills was so lovely,” Billie says. “The colours and line work were a pleasure to work with,” she continues. 


“Last year for Father’s Day I bought my husband a bottle of Never Never,” says Billie, “It was just after they had won the big prize, I actually felt really proud of the guys,” she continues.


It’s not the first time the label has caught the attention of the judges. The label design won the Easy on the Eye category at the 2019 Drinks Easy Awards, one of Australia’s newest and most exciting drinks competitions. 


The Easy on the Eye Awards formally recognize the absolute best in consumer product packaging design Australia wide, bringing awareness to the immense value that lies in well-designed brand packaging. 


“What better way to collaborate than making something that you can just whack on the fridge,” says Never Never Distilling Co. Brand Director Sean Baxter.


“Billies artwork resonates with people who celebrate the same things we do,” he says. “Whether it’s a Negroni, a bottle of French Champagne, or a rainbow Paddle Pop, the subject matter speaks about the flavours of fun,” says Baxter. 


“We saw her work popping up all around town, slapped up on street signs, at the Central Markets, but mainly in magnet form on our mate’s fridges,” says Baxter. “It was such an awesome way to support a local artist, her style is incredibly accessible and speaks to so many Australian’s about the brands that they love,” he continues. 


“We hope if enough people buy them they will serve as a constant reminder to never run out of Never Never gin,” says Baxter. “I was going to say Never Never run out, but I would hate myself in the morning.” 


“We can only dream that one day our brand will be as famous as some of the other icons she’s painted,” Baxter says. “Right now we’d be happy to just be held up as an Adelaide brand to watch,” he continues, “even if it’s from across the kitchen table at breakfast when you’re desperately trying not to think about knock-off drinks.” 


One of the most exciting components of the collaboration was a short film that was shot in order to introduce Billie to a wider Australian and global audience and to showcase how the collaboration transpired. 


“Billie is an amazing talent, whose story is incredible”, says Baxter. “As soon as we stepped into her studio, we knew we wanted to capture the passion that makes her so bloody incredible,” he says. 


The short film launches on Friday November 4th with Never Never inspired Billie Justice Thomason magnets, prints and merchandise to launch on the Never Never website over the coming months.  

Watch The Video Below To Find Out More About Our Collaboration With Local Artist Billie Justice Thomson.