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Seek More Flavour

Seek More Flavour Header

We are stoked to be launching our biggest campaign to date, "Seek More Flavour." This campaign will encourage all of our gin lovers to join us in the pursuit of unique and wonderful flavours. 


We make some of the most flavour forward gins in the country and this will be an opportunity for us to showcase our gin range to both passionate juniper fans but also reach gin newbies just starting out in the industry. 

Even with the relaxation of borders and lock downs ending, it will still be a massive challenge for many guests to partake in gin festivals this year or get down to South Australia to visit our distillery door. We aim to put together a day of gin-fuelled activities that can be completed anywhere you have an internet connection and can safely indulge in a few cocktails along the way. 

We’ve done so many live sessions over the last 18 months it was time to build them into our own gin show, complete with tastings, cocktail masterclasses and special releases. It’s going to be our own little Splendour in the Glass. 

 Ticket prices are $150 and come with a jam-packed goodie box brimming with gin flavoured treats and ingredients that will be used in the sessions over the course of the day. This includes a 200ml sampling kit of Never Never’s three core gins, tonic waters, garnish packs, canned cocktails and recipe cards valued at over $250. 


Guests will also receive a 50ml taster of a yet to be released limited edition gin, the first time it will be sampled by the public. 

We wanted to create a pack that was incredible value for money but would also excite fans of the brand who have already love the gin we make.  

Customers will sample unreleased Dark Series offerings, build cocktails with some of Australia’s best bartenders, cook alongside Masterchefs and play along for some outrageous gin prizes, including a year’s supply of gin to one lucky viewer. If that doesn’t get you pumped up I don’t know what will. 

There are so many things I’ve discovered when it comes to making cracking cocktails at home. This festival will be an inside look into making clear ice, perfecting the martini, making cocktails using stuff you already have in your pantry, garnish techniques and heaps more. 

The festival is the official launch of Never Never’s Seek More Flavour campaign, which will see Never Never setting out on its most ambitious task to date, convincing gin enthusiasts everywhere to upgrade their G&T of choice and make it a Triple Juniper Gin this season.

Our Triple Juniper Gin was built with the gin and tonic front of mind. We concentrate the juniper character of our gin to the point it begins to cloud in the glass, there’s that much flavour on show.  

This is the first time we are encouraging gin lovers to reach for something with bags of flavour when it comes to the drinks they are creating at home. We make gin with more flavour because more flavour means better gin, and better gin makes better drinks, it’s a simple equation. 

The campaign will see their messaging posted up and celebrated all across the country, as well as some upcoming announcements of new flavour collaborations and incredible Dark Series releases.

Between now and the end of the year there will be three more special release products released in Australia with bold flavour being the central focus.

We’re not a brand that does things by halves. We wanted to show the world what we’re capable of when it comes to creating innovative flavour. 

We will also be giving away a limited number of packs to front line workers who might need a bit of a break from the ongoing Covid crisis forcing many parts of Australia into lockdown. 

If you know someone who you believe needs a day off and some juniper-filled entertainment, we encourage you to nominate them using a form you can find on our website. We will choose the winning entries and ship them off a gin pack on us. 

Tickets are strictly limited to 200 packs, so you will need to get in fast if you wanted to be a participant on the day.  

Guests will need to place their order by October the 1st to ensure that delivery of the festival packs will reach their destination on time with the event going live October 16th from 12.00 midday AEST.