The Fruit Cup

The Fruit Cup

The Fruit Cup


The Victorians may have been prudish, but they sure let their hair down when they invented the Fruit Cup. Essentially the original premixed cocktail, this concoction of fruit, liqueur, spices and gin has lubricated many a garden party and we think it deserves a spot on your table this festive season (/we think it deserves another look – not sure if you want it to be time specific?)


The name ‘cup’ comes from the small tankards these drinks were originally sold in and are thought to have been touted as a digestive aid (we really do have tummy troubles to thank for a lot of delicious beverages!). Juniper has long been lauded for its curative properties and provides the backbone, with other botanicals such as citrus, tea and baking spices providing a satisfying warmth. One such ‘medicinal’ punch was sold at Pimms Oyster Warehouse in London. The bittersweet and moreish highball was a massive success, and Mr Pimm sold the rights to the name and product to a Mr Sawyer, who began to build the brand into the juggernaut it is today.


While it may be an international success story, Pimms No 1 Cup is still a quintessentially English drink (Wimbledon anyone?). Given the incredible booze being created in Australia today we thought…maybe we should have our own! Luckily our very talented liqueur-making friends over at Marionette agreed. Traditionally, cocktails were made ‘fancy’ with the addition of curacao, so we combined Marionette’s zesty, barrel aged curacao with our Triple Juniper gin. We macerate warm spices in the gin and use high quality Earl Gray tea for structure, as well as a nod to the historical origins of the drink. Let’s face it – Australian summers are better than English ones so our refreshing beverages should be too!


The Fancy Fruit Cup is a base, and you can lengthen it out however you like. Lemonade and ginger ale is customary, but if you’re feeling extra flash try sparkling wine for a Fancy Royal, or take advantage of the ever expanding high end mixer options and make it your own. Garnish is key in this drink; whether its mint, cucumber, berries, melon, orange or all of the above, make sure there’s plenty of it! A decked out Fancy Fruit Cup jug or punch bowl is an absolute showstopper and deserves pride of place next to the barbecued prawns this Christmas.



45ml Fancy Fruit Cup

45ml Lemonade

45ml Ginger Ale

Mint sprig and leaves

Orange wedge

Sliced strawberries

Cucumber slice


  1. Add sliced cucumber, strawberry and mint to the bottom of a wineglass.
  2. Add Fancy Fruit Cup and add ice.
  3. Add lemonade and ginger.
  4. Garnish fancily



45ml Fancy Fruit Cup

90ml sparkling wine

30ml soda water

6 torn raspberries

Mint sprig and leaves


  1. Add raspberries and mint to the bottom of a wine glass
  2. Add Fancy Fruit Cup and ice
  3. Add sparkling wine and soda water
  4. Garnish fancily



1 bottle of Fancy Fruit Cup

500ml Lemonade

500ml Ginger Ale

Mint leaves

Orange slices

Sliced strawberries

Cucumber strips


  1. Add Fruit Cup and mixers to a fancy bowl
  2. Add all sliced fruit
  3. Add ice and stir
4. Garnish fancily