The Story of 'Ginache' - Australia's first Grenache Gin


The Story of Ginache: From Slate Hill vines to new-classic cocktails. 


As soon as we broke ground on our new Never Never Distilling Co. brand home nestled within one of McLaren Vale’s most picturesque vineyards at Chalk Hill, we knew we wanted to create a unique expression of the region.

‘Ginache’ was born after months of experimentation with local McLaren Vale Grenache fruit. Grenache was always the varietal we wanted to explore given it's importance and heritage to the region. Plus, we just love drinking it!


Tom Harvey (Chalk Hill) & Distiller Tim Boast inspect the grenache fruit.  

It joins the Never Never range as our 4th Dark Series release. The Dark Series is our opportunity to share refined experiments, limited editions, collaborations and other products that currently remain as trials.

There are fewer than 2,500 hundred bottles of our first release of the Ginache but each year we plan to release a new expression of that year's vintage.


How did we make a Ginache Gin? 

The Grenache grapes were harvested in March from the Harvey’s family plot, not far from the Willunga township. The plot itself was purchased by John Harvey, patriarch of Chalk Hill and was first planted with Grenache way back in 1897. This is a single estate Grenache Gin.

Our grenache fruit freshly picked from the vine in the early morning. 

The vines used for the Ginache were planted in 1989 in Biscay soils, perfect for growing premium Grenache grapes. After harvesting the grapes were de-stemmed and crushed. Freshly distilled Triple Juniper gin was added to the vats and the gin was allowed to sit on skins for several weeks. 

The colour extraction was extremely rapid. After the process was complete, we collected the resulting gin and pressed the resulting solids using a basket press to extract all remaining liquids. These pressings were then carefully tasted and blended to create the final blend. After a very light filtration the product was bottled. 

As with any naturally coloured spirit, you will see changes in the bottle as the wine oxidises over time. We recommend drinking the Ginache while it’s fresh with good friends.


Sun & Vines: In the light the Ginache is stunning watermelon. 

Looking for a way to serve your Ginache? We have some incredible Ginache cocktail suggestions to sort you out. Check out some of the recipes below.

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