The Story of Ginache 2021

The Story of Ginache 2021

The Story of Ginache 2021


Last year our ‘Ginache’ set the record as the most popular gin that we've released, selling out its limited volume in less than two months. 

The product was the first ever Grenache gin to hit the global market, infused with grapes sourced from the local region. It combines two of McLaren Vale’s most exciting products to create a true ‘spirit’ of wine country. 




It also cleaned up on the international award circuit winning a best in class at the UK Gin Masters Awards as well as a gold medal at the World Gin Awards in London.

We thought 1 tonne of fresh Grenache fruit would be enough to get us at least six months. We severely underestimated people’s desire for such juicy, fruit-forward gin style apparently. 

In the end we needed to take it offline so that we had some left for our distillery door, however that just seemed to make people want it more..

It was a really well supported release, we absolutely should have tried to make more, but as is the case with all our Dark Series products we first wanted to trial the recipe first to ensure that the quality of product was there to begin with.

This year we were able to secure over 10 tonne of local McLaren Vale Grenache fruit and used it to create the 2021 Ginache vintage. The bottle has also graduated from being an experimental release into a core offering with close to 20,000 bottles being produced.




Our business has gone through a lot of growth in a very short period of time and our Ginache is a good example of a product we have decided to invest in as a solid representation of our new home here in the Vale. 

Our distiller and qualified winemaker Jessica Hodge agreed, with the product utilising the grape varietal for which the region is best known. 

‘We take our award winning Triple Juniper Gin and put it with luscious McLaren Vale grenache fruit to make a product that’s just a little bit different to some of the shiraz gin on the market at the moment’

The flavour of this year’s Ginache is outstanding with luscious candy apple and raspberry freshness. There’s heaps of fresh cherry and red berry on the nose with the flavour developing into tinned plum and strawberries and cream on the palate.

It’s an outstanding representation of how spectacular growing conditions and a bumper crop can affect the overall flavour of the final product. 

Due to some excellent weather conditions we were able to let the grapes hang out in the vineyard a little longer and boy, did we gain some extra flavour by doing that!

This is a different representation from last year’s vintage, it’s from a different crop in a different location, but the flavour is bolder and richer than ever before.

Last years release was exclusively created using Chalk Hill grapes however this year we've called upon our neighbours to assist. 

As with any product flavoured using natural ingredients, the product will change and develop over time becoming darker and more intense. 

We prefer to drink the Ginache right away! It drinks better with all the vibrancy of the previous season especially when you try it poured over a single block of ice. 

You can pick up this year’s Ginache at your local independent bottleshop as well as selected national retailers. Head over to the Never Never Distilling Co. stockists page for a full range of supporting bottleshops. 

Ginache now joins Triple Juniper Gin, Southern Strength Gin and Juniper Freak Gin as part of our core offering. Our expansion of the range will be available at our cellar door, and is a change from our traditional dry gin. We’re so excited to be the world's first gin producers to include the Grenache grape vines, especially since they are such an iconic part of South Australia. 


A true representation of South Australian Gin with the use of Grenache varietal, most commonly grown in our backyard in McLaren Vale, one of Australia’s best wine regions. This is truly the spirit of wine country. One of the best Aussie Gins on the market.


Ginache - Grenache Australian Gin.