George Georgiadis

Managing Director and ‘Spirit Creature’

This is George. He’s our resident booze nerd. George was a science whiz at school. Top of physics, chemistry and biology, he couldn’t get enough of it. However, science doesn’t pay the bills, and soon he found himself working his way through the finance sector, taking him to Sydney. His thirst for exciting flavour sent him trekking to more than 50 distilleries across four continents, visiting places where alchemists introduced the world to elixirs of immeasurable complexity. It was the combination of his passions for science, creativity and great flavour that turned George towards making spirits. Well, it was between this and making sheep’s milk cheese he reckons. The path was clear: return to his native Adelaide and create spirits of a quality that will survive the ages.

Despite all that we know about him, he still comes off as a bit of a mystery, perhaps that’s why the other two call him the ‘Greek Mystique’. While George was our first distiller, he’s now involved in every facet of the business.