Big Shed Brewing

Big Shed Brewing Concern is the place where our story begins. Big Shed started in a similar way to Never Never, with a couple of mates in the back of a shed spending every second of their spare time on their passion. Maybe it was this shared attitude that made Never Never an attractive potential tenant. We were in need of a space and Big Shed were kind enough to make room for us. Not only that, but the team there were more than happy to give us an inside look at their brewing operations.

Big Shed have shared not only their equipment, but also their expertise. When it comes to yeast, malt and fermentation, they are one of the most exciting brewers in the Australian industry. The potential for collaborations that push the boundaries, just like their beers, gets us all a bit excited.

However, Never Never Distilling Co. is a brand that belongs in the bush, among the gums and golden wattle that inspired poets and writers over a century ago. When the time comes to look for a bigger location, it is this that calls to us the loudest. Right now, however, we need to focus on the task at hand, creating the most exciting spirits that Australia has seen.