The Never Never Distilling Co. is dedicated to creating exciting and innovative spirits and exploring new territory when it comes to flavour. It’s not enough to just create delicious spirit – we want to make the most flavoursome spirits on the market. This return to flavour is at the heart of everything that we create.

Triple Juniper Gin

The Triple Juniper is one of those drinks that makes you ask:  Why on earth has nobody created a gin like this before?  It is brimming with the brightness of the best juniper in the world, air freighted in for freshness.

We treat the juniper in three distinct ways, partially steeped, partially in the pot and partially in the vapour, in carefully selected balance, to capture both the bright and the earthy qualities of this wonder berry. Well, it’s actually the world’s smallest conifer, but let’s not get too technical.

The copious amounts of juniper give you the best thing about gin in spades.  But juniper is a force that needs managing.  A carefully selected bouquet of botanicals honours the brilliance of the juniper by complementing it, rather than overpowering it.  Australian coriander provides a brighter citrus and less earthiness than its English or Indian counterparts. A predominate fresh lemon citrus influence with a touch of fresh lime and liquorice lifts it up over a root base of angelica and orris.  Native pepperberry provides a balancing savoury element without the heavy menthol finish of traditional peppers.  A hint of cinnamon provides just the right amount of warmth.

At 43% alcohol by volume, the clean, bright profile carries through with intensity.  It is dry but bright, so will stand up with any tonic from Schweppes to Fever Tree.  Stick it in a Negroni garnished with cassia bark and see it light up.  Or if you love this gin as much as we do, just sing its praises in a martini.

Dark Series

The Dark Series is something that happens in the shadows, away from the conventions of the industry. It communicates something uncertain, unworldly and experimental, a place where we can be creative and invite our collaborators to do the same.

The night is darkest before the dawn, and it is in this dark place where we drive our innovation before it is seen in the light of the industry. These ideas are born across the bar at 3am in the morning, then whispered and hushed between distillers. Small runs of experimental liquids will populate this series featuring  studies in malt, fermentation, yeast, distilling technique, wood policy and blending. Some popular Dark Series liquids may graduate to becoming regular releases. For the better part, these creatures will languish in the same environment from whence they came, destined to forever remain experimental editions.

Never Never Distilling Co. is about exploration, about lifting the fog from uncharted territories and changing the course of future releases. Most of all, it’s about adventure.