Black Juniper Amaro is the latest edition of our Dark Series and is a collaboration with Black Pearl, one of Australia’s greatest cocktail bars. We have always been massive fans of what the Black Pearl represents. The bartenders that have graced the boards of the Pearl are some of the most respected and talented hospitality professionals in the country.

The amaro combines three different juniper components: roasted juniper, basket juniper and fresh juniper, all steeped in neutral spirit and then hand-pressed to extract maximum flavour. By heavily roasting the juniper we are able to extract dark and earthy characteristics from the berry adding bitterness and a slight menthol note to the final amaro blend. Traditional alpine herbs such as gentian and wormwood develop bitterness and length, creating layers of complexity. Each ingredient has been selected not only for flavour, but for their digestif properties, making it perfectly suited to the after-dinner occasion, mixed with cola or in a classic cocktail.

Colour: Cold brew, dark amber, burnt chestnut, stout.
Nose: Roasted juniper, brulee, dark toffee, toasted pine.
Palate: Sweet, waxy, juniper extending into wooded alpine bitterness. Coffee and menthol combine with black cardamom .
Finish: Rounded bitterness with a full mouth feel.

500ml Bottle Size
29% Alc/Vol
Product of South Australia