Brand Director and ‘Juniper Freak’

This is Sean, our sales and marketing guru. Sean has been working in the hospitality industry for 18 years, busting his ass doing every job under the sun. He’s gone from starting out polishing glasses to working as a National Ambassador for a global whisky icon (even then he was still polishing glasses). He’s learnt a thing or two after years making, training and representing the best drinks and people in the business and he’s poured everything he’s learned, everything he wants in a bottle of spirit, into our products.

His life would change dramatically when he successfully auditioned for the 2014 season of Masterchef, where he eventually placed 16th (he was actually 17th but we let him have the one place). While he was never destined for a full time life in the kitchen, his ability with flavour and understanding of balance make him an integral part of the Never Never team. Just don’t ask him to make flat bread.

He’s also a bit of a hoarder (mostly of whiskies of course, especially stuff older than him and preferably from a closed distillery). He’ll be taking your spirit orders soon and traversing the country talking all things gin. He’s our Juniper Freak