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Fearless Spirit

Never Never Distilling Co. is the story of us, three people with a passion for flavour, having a serious go at creating Australia’s most exciting and innovative spirit brand.

It is the culmination of our separate journeys, three paths walked that have managed to intertwine here in South Australia.

Juniper Revolution

Call us crazy, but we decided to make juniper (the main ingredient in gin) the core of everything we do. Never Never is here to start a Juniper Revolution, making juniper the hero of our bold, modern-classic gins.  We distil their juniper in three ways using our triple juniper method, complimented by eight other botanicals including the distinctive Australian pepper berry.  This creates rich and complex gins that make delicious gin and tonics or cocktails.

From the Never Never

Our spirit of adventure is inspired by the Never Never - the vast Australian expanse beyond the horizon.  To step in to the Never Never is to journey in to the unknown.

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