National Young Writers Festival Winners Announced

National Young Writers Festival Winners Announced

National Young Writers Festival Winners Announced

We love to champion creativity at Never Never; whether it's creating new and innovative spirits, engaging with local artists or hosting unique and engaging experiences at our cellar door. 

Like many industries, the arts community in Australia has faced significant challenges over the past eighteen months. So we're proud to be sponsoring the National Young Writers Festival by sponsoring their Flash Fiction Competition. 

And we couldn't be more excited to announce the winners of the competition we are so excited to sponsor! 


First Place: Kelly Wong 

Never had there been a time they felt more alone and yet more connected as the world watched on through the camera in their helmet. There has never been a moment like this. The hatch opened. The dusty red landscape appeared. They stepped forward and they never looked back. Never.


Second Place: Denita Nair

There’s always a twist of truth to fairytales. When I was a child, they told us to keep our eyes up; to watch for sudden movements in the branches. Now, only three of us remain, and the hard lesson between us. You never, never look a dropbear in the eye.


Third Place: Zac Benn

The water has reached the doorstep.
Understanding ‘never’ is impossible. ‘Never’ is the end, and we are the present; a moment without end. Trying to appreciate ‘never’ in the present is like searching for ice in the ocean. It fades, as if never there.
The water has reached the doorstep.


First Place Winner: Kelly Wong

Social Media Handle
@kellyyyllek (Twitter + Instagram)

What are some of your favourite creative outlets? I enjoy cooking and sharing what I eat (and drink!) on social media! I write and come up with creative campaigns for work so usually my word-based creativity is all used up!

Have you ever written flash fiction before? No! I usually write about science and facts! Fiction is something I haven't really written since high school!

How did where you live influence your piece? I guess it's less about where I live and more about wanting to be able to have the freedom to go anywhere again! Imagining a faraway land is something I think we've all experienced recently.

What's your day job? Social Media Manager at The Royal Institution of Australia Bio 3

Second Place Winner : Denita Nair


Social Media handle: @darkershadeofpale (but I’m limited to Instagram, I’m afraid - never got around to making myself a Twitter or anything else that’s hip with the kids these days)

What are some of your favourite creative outlets? I’ve always loved to write, I think I was a writer before I was anything else. More of a slam poet than a prose writer these days, but there’s gigabytes worth of unfinished drafts hanging out on my harddrive. Other creative outlets include fixing rips in my clothing, buying bandannas for my dog, creating precarious towers of books on my bedside table, whizzing up complicated smoothies, rollerskating, and harbouring grand plans for finishing a novel. Someday.

Have you ever written flash fiction before? I have written flash fiction before, but this is the first time I’ve ever tried to write to a 50 word limit! So much harder than I thought it would be!

How did where you live influence your piece? I’ve lived in Darwin in the Northern Territory for the last four years, and I spend a lot of time outdoors, camping and hiking and occasionally trying my hand and the time-honoured Australian tradition of telling straight-faced, outright lies to unsuspecting tourists (of which there are many). So this one came out pretty naturally, strangely enough.

What's your day job? I’m employed as a lawyer, but everyone knows that my actual job is being my dog’s personal assistant, taxi driver and treat dispenser. 

Third Place Winner: Zac Penn

Social Media Handle: @here.nowhere_

What are some of your favourite creative outlets? Writing is my consistent creative outlet, but I also make movies and draw terrible art less often than I should, and play ‘Dungeons and Dragons’ more often than is necessary.

Have you ever written flash fiction before? I haven’t written flash this small before, but am always working on a few short stories, which normally include a few flash pieces. Sticking to fifty words was a fun challenge.

How did where you live influence your piece? Physical location wasn’t necessarily a huge influence on the piece, but our temporal location played a big part. We are living in such an uncertain time, and with events such as COVID and climate change, a lot of things that we say ‘never’ to, just keep happening. ‘Never’ events build on top of each other and it’s harder to comprehend what is going to happen next. Water keeps rising.

What's your day job? When I'm not writing I'm studying, and when I’m not studying I work in retail, which is far too boring to talk about here.