Hand Sanitiser

Hand Sanitiser

Hand Sanitiser

South Australian distillery Never Never Distilling Co. have released a locally-made hand sanitiser to assist local medical practises and other high needs organisations who have exhausted their local supply. 

The COVID-19 pandemic sweeping the world has caused severe shortages in essential medical supplies. Distilleries such as Never Never Distilling Co. have stepped up to plate, largely due to their access to sanitiser’s key ingredient, ethanol.  

“We never would have anticipated making hand sanitiser,” says Never Never Managing Director George Georgiadis, “it’s availability has plummeted across the country and we’re seeing everyone step up, from the big guys like Four Pillars, to the smaller businesses like us,” he says. 

“We were getting asked a hundred times a week if we were planning on making some,” says Georgiadis. “It wasn’t until doctors started messaging that we realised the problem was a serious one that deserves attention,” he says. 

While the Never Never team are still ensuring there is ample availability of their gin on hand, they have shifted production to include two varieties of locally produced and distributed hand sanitiser. 

The first is an 80% variant that will be delivered to local medical practices. This version is made to the strict specifications outlined by the World Health Organisation and as such, allows it to be used in hospitals. 

Due to its required high alcohol percentage, this product is unable to be shipped so will be hand delivered to those practises in need across Adelaide and McLaren Vale.

“We are focusing the majority of our efforts on supplying health care professionals around the city who have reached out to us,” says Georgiadis.

“We are planning on supplying these practices with bulk sanitiser in 15 litre returnable plastic dangerous goods containers, which we will collect after use,” he continues.

Local General Practitioner, Dr Cathryn Mills was one of the first to reach out. “The COVID-19 crisis is terrifying for everybody, but even more terrifying when you are a front-line health worker with a rapidly dwindling supply of hand sanitiser,” says Mills. “We are extremely grateful to have access to hand sanitiser now through Never Never Distilling Co," she says.

Like most sanitisers being made in distilleries at the moment, this sanitiser comes in a in liquid form, designed to refill your own spray and pump bottles. 

Healthcare organisations wanting to purchase the sanitiser can email info@neverneverdistilling.com.au and supply their name, organisation and supplier number in order to receive a confirmation and link.

Never Never has also developed a second product at 68% alcohol sanitiser that will be available online and will be shipped initially to their online subscribers. This product will be released in very limited quantities so that the majority of sanitiser produced can supply the healthcare industry. This product complies with government health recommendations for domestic use.



“This variant is designed for home use and contains some of the aromas of our classic gin style,” says Georgiadis. 

Both products will only be available for delivery and will not be sold at their distillery. 

“Our gin business has been significantly impacted by the closures of bars and pubs, and five-week-old distillery door has gad to close, so proceeds from these sales will go towards keeping our amazing team employed,” says Georgiadis.

“We can’t wait until the need to make sanitiser disappears completely - that will be a day worth celebrating,” he says.