We are thrilled to announce Oyster Shell Gin in collaboration with ecoSPIRITS to make it more affordable to bars, restaurants and hotels and eliminating 95% of single glass use and packaging waste.

A gin like Oyster Shell Gin belongs in this circular packaging format. It was a gin born from finding flavour in waste products and being more mindful about our ingredient selection. This mindfulness now extends to how it is delivered to bars and restaurants across Australia. ecoSPIRITS’ technology delivers a 60-90% reduction in the carbon emission footprint of premium spirits packaging and distribution, and up to 95% less physical glass waste.

The gin makes an exquisite martini. The lashings of wax flower and salinity scratch the itch of anybody who loves savoury martinis.

Oyster Shell Gin x ecoSPIRITS can help celebrate any occasion. Whether it's the first round of drinks before a meal, a quick tipple after work or half a dozen oysters & a mini martini during mid-week happy hour.
Oyster Shell Gin can support many different initiatives in venue. Some example opportunities for trial & cocktail pour include:
  • 3 Course Lunch + bottomless oysters $60pp + bottomless booze for $45pp
  • Wed-Thur night special - Half dozen oysters plus two MiniTinis $40
  • $2 Oyster, add a shelly for $3
  • 4:30pm - 6:30pm $15 pacific martinis, add 2 oysters $20
If you are interested in sourcing Oyster Shell Gin for your venue please feel free to reach out to your local Proof & Co representative or our National Markets Manager Nick Gouletsas, at [email protected]


Step 1: Ensure your bottle of Oyster Shell Gin is thoroughly chilled. Ideally spending 24 hours in a freezer. Uncap the bottle and get it ready for the next step.
Step 4: Position yourself appropriately and consume the fresh oyster with a gleeful slurp
Step 2: Select a plump, fresh oyster, ensuring the shell is deep enough to be an appropriate receptacle for the frozen gin that is about to be poured directly into it.
Step 5: Allow your guest to fill the now empty shell with frozen Never Never Oyster Shell Gin
Step 3: Look deeply into the eyes of your guest (Shelly's are always better when shared between friends) and cheers your oyster joyfully.
Step 6: Consume the frozen gin in a flamboyant gesture to ensure the table next to you is aware of how fabulous you are.




300ml Never Never Oyster Shell Gin

50ml Noilly Prat Dry Vermouth

5ml saline (20:1) or a sprinkle of salt

190ml water



Step 1: In an empty 500ml Never Never bottle add all ingredients and place in freezer.

Step 2: Pour straight into glass add onion garnish.


To celebrate the availability of Oyster Shell Gin in ecoTOTE format, we will be throwing a series of trade parties across the country to ensure as many people as possible are able to partake in a Shelly experience. 

Guests will be invited to partake in a Shelly on arrival as well as sample a special oyster tasting menu that features paired cocktails including our Lime Leaf Gimlet and the Pacific Martini, both featuring our exquisite Oyster Shell Gin.

We can’t wait to share a few martinis with mates and the odd Shelly with those who enjoy sampling the very best coastal gin in the country.



Oyster Shell Gin is just the second Australian gin available in ecoTOTE 4.5L format, following the successful launch of our signature Triple Juniper Gin in 2020.