happy april fools day! obviously, it's a terrible idea to throw oysters into sydney harbour FROM A BLIMP  - we use them in our gin instead.

Inspired by the Australian coastline, Oyster Shell Gin uses Kangaroo Island oyster shell to impart a minerality and subtle saline character to the gin. It’s a flavour supported by the carefully considered inclusion of other coastal botanicals that include saltbush, Tasmanian wakame and native coastal daisy. ⁠⁠

just to say thanks for being a good sport..

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Fresh sea spray jumps from the glass, bursting with split lime-leaf and fragrant citrus zest from the addition of marsh grapefruit and waxflower.

The palate expresses the saline and savoury minerality of oyster shell and wakame, while coastal greens integrate with moreish salted citrus, round mint, pine and coriander spice.

The finish is long and luxurious, lending itself to dry martinis, spirit-forward cocktails and refreshing tonic serves.

The gin makes an exquisite martini. The lashings of wax flower and salinity scratch the itch of anybody who loves savoury martinis.