The Gin and Ginger is an often overlooked pairing, perfect for citrus-forward gin styles that are able to stand up to the intense spiciness of quality ginger beer.

The botanicals used in our gin such as cinnamon and pepperberry perfectly compliment the spicy backbone of ginger beer with the mint and lime brightening the aromas off the nose.

As with any simple serve the quality of the ingredients is key to the success of the drink.


30ml Southern Strength Gin

100ml Fever Tree Ginger Beer

Lime wedge

Ginger slice

Fresh mint sprig


Step 1

Add Southern Strength Gin to a tall glass.

Step 2

Add 100ml of Fever Tree Ginger Beer.

Step 3

Add ice and stir.

Step 4

Squeeze a wedge of lime, add to glass, add ginger slice and mint sprig.