Add some Triple Juniper Gin,hi muddle in some mint, add a splash of lime and sugar and fill it up with crushed ice.

There is nothing more spectacular than this refreshing summer sipper so leave the imported white rum on the shelf and try this classic with an Australian gin instead? Top it with sparkling wine for a fancy sbagliato upgrade.


60mL Triple Juniper Gin

20mL Lime juice

15mL Sugar syrup

6-8 Lime leaves & mint top for garnish


Step 1

Add mint to the bottom of a tall glass and press with a long spoon or chopstick to release the oils.

Step 2

Add gin, lime and sugar and stir to combine with the mint.

Step 3

Add several large spoonfuls of crushed ice, stir and repeat until the whole glass is full.

Step 4

Add a crown of crushed ice so it sits up over the glass and add the top of a mint sprig as a garnish. Pop in a straw and serve.