Ok, so we know it’s technically a very basic cocktail, but there are so many amazing flavour combinations knocking about these days you can literally explore any angle you like.

Our Triple Juniper Gin is literally built for the gin and tonic serve. On a molecular level, this gin pairs perfectly with a tonic water for the fresh taste we all know and love.

We’ve fallen in love with Fever Tree Mediterranean tonic water with our signature Triple Juniper Gin. When paired with a dry gin and appropriate garnish it works incredibly well. Remember, the ratio is everything, one part gin to three parts mixer is always a sure-fire winner.


30mL Triple Juniper Gin

100mL Fever Tree Mediterranean tonic water

Lemon wheel and lemon thyme to garnish


Step 1Build all ingredients into a highball glass, add quality ice, and top with tonic.
Step 2Garnish with a fresh lemon wedge and lemon thyme sprig.