Med Gin is made for a dirty martini.

Our Med Gin uses one of the most exciting ingredients in our gins, Kalamata olive brine. This is combined with whole Kalamata olives which are then pot distilled. It’s very rare that you can call a waste product an exciting ingredient but anybody who loves a dirty martini knows exactly how much punch is delivered by a single teaspoon of the stuff. ⁠
Local almonds are also included to enrich the mouthfeel and oranges to complement the variety of fresh herbs included in the recipe. ⁠The result is a cracking martini gin, perfect in a dirty martini, so make sure you try the recipe below! ⁠


60mL Med Gin

10mL Dry vermouth

Olive brine

Olive to garnish


Step 1Add all ingredients to a mixing glass with ice and stir well.
Step 2Strain into an ice cold coupe and add olives to garnish.