It’s like are you even in the Whitsundays if you don’t boomerang two of those with your best mate.

This version is not the heinous type you might find sadly rotating around in a forgotten swim up pool bar, this is the drink that embodies all the best flavours of fresh mango and zesty lime.

Sure, the white rum original is fine but subbing in Triple Juniper Gin is even better, with bright zesty lemon and fragrant coriander complementing the fresh mango vibes. So next time ignore the imported rum and try a local gin in your brain freeze instead. 


60mL Triple Juniper Gin

30mL Sugar Syrup

15mL Fresh Lime Juice

2 Frozen Mango Cheeks

Mint Garnish


Step 1

Add all ingredients to a blender and blend well. It works better if you make several batches of daiquiri at once so there’s more liquid. It also means you have twice the amount of frozen daiquiri, meaning everybody wins!

Step 2

Pour into frozen cocktail glasses and garnish with a mint sprig. You don’t need to use ice if your mango is frozen solid. It will create an incredibly silky texture.