⁠ Look, we know we don't make tequila, but we can still celebrate one of the most popular cocktails in the world with our recipe for a Spicy Gin Margy, heavily inspired by the modern classic Tommy's Margarita.

A bit of spice, salt and zest, everything you want out of a good marg, just use our Oyster Shell Gin instead of the cheap mixto tequila. ⁠

If someone was able to convince a bartender back in 2010 that tequila works in a Negroni, then we can get people to try Oyster Shell Gin in a margarita in 2024.⁠


60mL Oyster Shell Gin

30mL Lime juice

15mL Agave nectar

Barspoon of jalapeno brine

Salt rim and chili pepper to garnish


Step 1Add all ingredients into a cocktail shaker filled with ice
Step 2Strain cocktail into pre salt rimmed glass
Step 3Garnish with salt rim and chili