Tim Boast - International Distiller Of The Year

Tim Boast - International Distiller Of The Year

Tim Boast - International Distiller Of The Year

We are thrilled to announce that Tim Boast, Our Head Distiller Has Been Named Distiller of the Year at the International Spirits Business Awards for 2021. 

Tim was selected from an international field of top distillers across all spirit categories. It’s an incredible honour to receive such a deeply personal validation to both Tim and our whole production team.

“It’s not every day you turn around to your wife and suggest building a gin brand with our entire lifesavings,” Boast says, “from the outset I haven’t really had any other choice other than to succeed.”



The result was no doubt influenced by the string of international and local accolades the tiny South Australian brand has been able to achieve over the past 12 months, taking on the giants of the industry.

It’s been a meteoric rise considering Tim has only been a full-time distiller for 4 years having spent the previous 10 years in the world of finance. While living in London he was inspired by his formidable and encouraging grandmother, Nancy and influenced by family lore of his British forebearers’ founding of Gilbys Gin in the 19th century.  

After returning to Adelaide he spent more time tinkering and dreaming about making gin than anything else. His backyard brewery contained a variety of distilling equipment that he used to hone his skills and create a library of flavour before deciding to take the next step professionally. 

It is Tim’s fearless approach to pursuing his passions that has assisted in driving the success of the brand, alongside good friends George Georgiadis and Sean Baxter. 


We set out with a focus on creating a special gin brand and have always sought out opportunities to be judged against the best in the business. We are stoked to have scored gold medals in every competition they entered in 2021, both in Australia and abroad. 

The Australian small spirits industry is kicking goals all over the globe. We, and others like us, have worked hard to build a product that is truly seen as world class.

Tim’s win is a sign of the respect that is being shown to Australian distillers worldwide. He’s worked his ass off and sacrificed a lot so for him to be celebrated as the best this year is a credit to his dedication.