The world of flavour can seem a little overwhelming – how do chefs and bartenders come up with those combinations that sound wild, but just work? Well, it’s about to get molecular, baby.

The thing is, each fruit, herb, or bark that we know (and use in gin!) is made up of various compounds, and these compounds relate it to other flavours – some of them quite unexpected!

The hero of Never Never’s story, juniper, contains limonene which gives a lively citrus flavour, but also a-pinene which has pine and rosemary notes, and myrcene which is found in wild thyme as well – are you getting some garnish ideas already?!

our number one rule for the perfect G&T garnish is to Work with a fruit & herb combination. Strawberry & Basil, Pear & Dill - you can be as creative as you like!

Our other botanicals are really chosen to support this flavour profile and throw up their own pairing ideas. Angelica Root, for instance, is a relation of dill. This fragrant herb is an elegant and aromatic G&T garnish that will instantly elevate your drinking experience. 

Highlighting the flavours in the gin is one way to go, and has been advocated with great success by some brands – who can look at a Hendricks bottle without thinking of a cucumber these days? But you can also try contrasting tastes.

Beverage Operations Manager at Lucas Group John Ross-Jones explains the collaboration as a meeting of ‘flavour minds’, with the Never Never gin range a popular choice when it comes to the personal preferences of the bar and restaurant team.

When it comes to the Oyster Shell Gin, we are thrilled to see the way it has aligned with Society Restaurant’s focus on bold flavour. The launch of the Oyster Shell Gin is well timed, with the imminent reopening of the Melbourne hospitality industry in the coming weeks

For the perfect Gin & tonic, try our signature triple juniper gin. it was made to make delicious G&Ts bursting with flavour.