Negroni Gin Cocktail Serve, Never Never Gin Distillery

Never Never Negroni

Negroni Gin Cocktail Serve, Never Never Gin Distillery
Negroni Gin Cocktail Drinks Serve

The Negroni is one our favourite cocktails. Its easy to remember, hard to stuff up and is always delicious.

30ml Never Never Triple Juniper Gin

30ml Campari

30ml Italian sweet vermouth

Garnish: Orange twist
Add all ingredients to a mixing glass, add ice and stir until the glass becomes frosted. Pour over a large chunk of ice in a fancy rocks glass. Add a twist of orange. Drink immediately.


 Negroni Cocktail Serve, Never Never Gin Bar Adelaide


History Of The Negroni

Most origin stories of cocktails tend to be subject to debate and the Negroni is no exception. This iconic cocktail is a favourite in any good bar around the world, so it's easy to see why multiple parties claim it as their own creation. 

There’s no actual historical account (Italians never really wrote anything down) but it is generally believed that Count Camillo Negroni invented the drink when he ordered an Americano made with gin in place of the usual soda water (what a booze hound). 

The bar in which he ordered the iconic drinks serve is Caffe Casoni, in Florence, where the Count had returned to during the prohibition era in the United States. (#mood.) 

There are multiple other stories and theories as to the origin of the Negroni cocktail. And you can find many more stories about the cocktail origins on Difford's Guide

It soon caught on and is now the go to cocktail for bartender knock off's everywhere in the world.

 To find out more about the Negroni and more history on the iconic cocktail click here. 

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